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    Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

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Guys I’m really into this fungi I met 😍🍄❤️ #punny #FungiFriday #happyfriday


    Guys I’m really into this fungi I met 😍🍄❤️ #punny #FungiFriday #happyfriday

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    The Late-Night, Sickness-Induced Ramblings of a Procrastinating Anarchist →


    I’ve spent the last few years researching lung cancer. The lab I worked in was a small one consisting of me, two grad students, and our P.I. My P.I. was without a doubt one of the most frightening women I have had the simultaneous fortune and misfortune to encounter….


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    "Making guns illegal will take guns off the street, that’s why nobody takes meth amirite!?"

    So like … you’re saying we should legalize meth?


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    Key and Peele: Clear History

    These guys are hilarious!!!

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    "Those who wonder if decriminalization sends the wrong signal to kids about drugs ought to worry more about the signal we send to them when we pretend morality flows from the barrel of a gun"
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    I almost forgot to show you these! While walking back to work. Aren’t they nifty?

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